District Overview

Shanghai West Bund is an urban branding and development project that aims to build upon the cultural and commercial foundation of the Xuhui waterfront. The area itself has come to be commonly known as "Shanghai West Bund."


West Bund covers a total area of 9.4 square kilometers in the southwest part of the Xuhui District, including 11.4 kilometers of shoreline. The area stretches from Rihui Port in the north to Huangpu River in the east, and Wanping Rd, Longhua Rd, and Longwu Rd in the west. It neighbors the Longhua Historic Conservation Area and faces the Shanghai World Expo Site, with Houtan Park across the river. West Bund's 9.4 square kilometers of land represent the largest developable area on either side of the Huangpu River.


Development Goals


Shanghai West Bund is an ambitious development project that seeks to bring domestic and foreign leaders together in the fields of culture, art, media, fashion, design, and innovative finance to create a unique, world-class waterfront on par with the Left Bank in Paris and the South Bank in London. The undertaking, following the principle of "Leadership in Planning, Culture, and Industry," began in 2012 with two core projects designed to transform the area into an international cultural and financial center: "West Bund Culture Corridor" and "West Bund Media Port."


Development Progress


The first round of development attracted high-profile organizations and companies including the Shanghai DreamCenter, Tencent, Hunan Mango Cultural Investment, Shenyin Wanguo Securities, and the West Bund Fortune National Center. Purely art-and-culture-oriented institutions such as the Long Museum, the Yuz Museum, the Shanghai Center of Photography, and the ShanghART Gallery have also joined the development project. Additionally, events including music festivals, the Biennial of Architecture and Contemporary Art, and the Art and Design Fair have helped shape Shanghai West Bund into a center for cultural, commercial, and athletic events.


The next round of development aims to leverage business clusters in West Bund to further strengthen the region's presence in the areas of art, entertainment media, culture, and finance, while enriching the "museum avenue" with new construction projects like the West Bund Media Port, the Star Museum, Oil Tank Park, the West Bund Museum, and the Waterfront Theater.

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