Industry Landscape

Back in the early 20th century, Xuhui Waterfront was a rust belt, containing modern capacities like chemical industry, energy, aircraft, railway and warehouse. However, the start of the 21st century witnessed an agony familiar with most transforming economies, as manufacturing was gradually replaced by lifestyle facilities in this area. Now an innovative modern industrial cluster, motivated by artificial intelligence, is on the rise, and an inter-supporting structure combining cultural creativity, technological innovation and innovative finance is emerging.

West Bund Media Port

Vigorous, Ecological, Smart, 24/7 Core Business Zone of Culture and Media

HighlightsSecond Floor, UrbanCore, Open Underground Mall, Looped Underground Public Traffic, Low-Carbon Development Zone

Shanghai DreamCenter, Tencent, Mango TV,; Guosheng Group Dazhong, Nuobu

Cultural creativity (Media Port): Based on the resources of West Bund Cultural Corridor and motivated by prominent enterprises like Tencent, Mango TV, Youzu and Netease, the central piece is West Bund Media Port and the focus is placed on on filming service, digital media and cultural exhibition, aiming to create an internationally renowned headquarter base of cultural/media nexus and a new landmark of Shanghai’s cultural industry.

West Bund AI Valley

A globally influential headquarters for the AI industry


Area 638,000 m²


1,120,000 m²

Xiaomi, SenseTime, TERMINUS, UnitedImaging, AISpeech, NetPosa, EMDATA


Technological Innovation (Smart Valley): Based on the technology community of Xuhui District and research capacities of Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Chinese Academy of Science, the focus is placed on artificial intelligence, aviation, healthcare and IT service, with key projects of West Bund Smart Valley and International AI Center, supporting Xuhui District to be an international cluster of technological service and a globally influential center of technological innovation.

West Bund Financial City

A vibrant multifunctional urban zone dedicated to innovative finance







Innovative Finance (Financial City): Echoing the overall plan of “Xuhui Waterfront Finance Belt”, financial functions have been planned carefully in advance, including cooperation with major institutions like the People’s Bank of China, introducing innovative financial platforms like Shanghai Culture Industry Fund of Funds, China Media Capital and Oriental Pearl Culture Investment Fund,  and developing a Culture-Finance Cooperation Pilot Zone.