About West Bund Group

Shanghai West Bund Development (Group) Co., Ltd. (“West Bund” for short) is authorized by the People’s Government of Shanghai’s Xuhui District. It is a solely state-owned enterprise that is responsible for the comprehensive development of the Xuhui waterfront area.  West Bund was founded in 2012 with 3.2 billion RMB in registered capital (subject to the approval by the district SASAC). As of the end of 2019, West Bund was staffed by 334 employees. Currently under the Group’s management are 18 primary subsidiaries (including 1 school) and 21 secondary subsidiaries, including Shanghai Xuhui Land Development Co., Ltd., Shanghai West Bund Media Port Development & Construction Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xuhui Waterfront Development, Construction, and Investment Co., Ltd.,  and Shanghai Guangqi Cultural Industry Investment Development Co., Ltd.

West Bund, as the state-owned enterprise to actually implement the construction of Xuhui waterfront area, carries out the practice of President Xi Jinping’s socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of President Xi’s important speech in Shanghai. Also, adhering to the strategic deployment by the municipal party committee and government and guided by the concept of “planning-based, culture-oriented, eco-based, technological-innovation-driven”, West Bund is pursuing high-quality development of the waterfront area and strives to build the extraordinary waterfront of International Metropolis.

Departments of West Bund Group

General Affairs Office                                     

Planning Department

Industry Promotion Department

Project Management Department

Financial Management Department

Operation Management Department

Property Management DepartmentInvestment Development Department
Human Resources DepartmentParty-Masses Relationship Department
Audit & Supervision Department


Land Procurement and Development

Property Development

Shanghai Xuhui Land Development Co., Ltd.       

Shanghai West Bund Huaquan Corporate Development Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Xuhui Waterfront Development, 

Construction, and Investment Co., Ltd.


Shanghai Huanyu City Investment Development Co., Ltd.


Asset Management


Cultural Industries

Shanghai Golden World Commercial

Building Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Guangqi Cultural Industry Investment Development Co., Ltd.


Project Companies


Shanghai West Bund Media Port

Development &Construction Co., Ltd.



Shanghai West Bund Artwork Bonded

Development Co., Ltd.



Shanghai Longhua International Aviation

Investment Co., Ltd.