Planning Philosophy

Planning Led

Thanks to the opportunities of World Expo 2010, the overall development of WEST BUND was launched benchmarking the international standard

High-quality planning | International proposals solicitation | Shanghai CORNICHE

280-hectare public land reservation | A large scale of area of continuous urban development

3.6km landscape avenue | 300,000km2 public open space | 20km backbone road network

Disruptive transition from an industry-intensive area to an iconic public space


Culture Guided

Creating the largest art zone in Asia

West Bund Museum Mile | World-class public cultural venues cluster | A new landmark for global debuts

ART WEST BUND | Enlivening the whole city | The cultural season marking the highest public engagement

The core area of Shanghai International Artwork Trade Month | Gathering new momentum for hundreds of billions level of artwork trade industry


Ecology Preceded

Creating a world-class waterfront public space

Giving back the riverside space and scenery to the citizens | Promoting harmonious growth through integration of environment regulation, cultural planning and urban development

8.95 km riverside connection with 3 paths of running, cycling and driving | 9 interconnected bridges | 500,000 m2 public open space

China Habitat Environment Example Prize of 2015 | The most beautiful running route of Shanghai International Marathon


Technology Innovation Oriented

Creating an international innovative and creative industry cluster

National strategic emerging industries clusters | The intersection in Shanghai’s V-shaped spatial distribution of AI industry

2018 and 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conferences | The most dynamic AI scene

West Bund Media Port + West Bund AI Valley + West Bund Financial Center:

3 Core Industry of Culture & Media, Technological Innovation and Innovative Financial Industries

Industry Layout