Planning Philosophy

Leadership in Planning


Shanghai West Bund contributes to the goal of developing Shanghai into a first-class international waterfront city by connecting the Xujiahui central business district, key model areas, Xuhui's midtown area, and other key areas. It leverages both small-scale and large-scale planning strategies to encourage regional economic and social development.


Leadership in Culture


Culture is an indispensable, fully integrated part of the West Bund brand. The project drives the development of cultural value in the area through the promotion of cultural institutions and events.


Comprehensive Development


West Bund's comprehensive development strategy focuses on encouraging group development in commercial areas, while simultaneously expanding commercial development into the north and south so as to increase economic progress in surrounding cities.


Quality Engineering


West Bund infrastructure, public facilities, commercial buildings, museums, and historical sites are all built and maintained according to the principle of "precise design, implementation and management" in order to ensure a high standard of quality in the area.

Industry Layout