West Bund Culture and Art Pilot Zone

Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District Shanghai

West Bund 2555

The West Bund 2555 is located at the crossing of Longteng Ave and Longlan Rd, west of the West Bund Art Center. The zone, which covers 7,375 square meters of land, was officially opened to the public in September, 2015. It brings together fourteen outstanding cultural organizations, including Shanghai Center of Photography、Ding Yi Studio、Tiehai Studio、New Century Contemporary Art Foundation、Qiao Space、Fab-Union Space、EXCEPTION Art & Design Center、Atelier Z+、TM Studio、Atelier Deshaus、Atelier MOA、AIKE、ShanghART Gallery West Bund、Pond Society、Don Gallery、SSSSTART、OTA FINE ARTS、Shanghai International Artwork Trade Center. West Bund 2555 is expected to call the best artists, architects and design organizations together, promoting the continued development of West Bund's cultural industry.

Organizations in West Bund 2555

Shanghai Center of Photography /Ding Yi Studio / Tiehai Studio / New Century Contemporary Art Foundation/Qiao Space / Fab-Union Space / EXCEPTION Art & Design Center / Atelier Z+/TM Studio / Atelier Deshaus / Atelier MOA / AIKE / ShanghART Gallery West Bund/Pond Society /Don Gallery/SSSSTART/ OTA FINE ARTS/Shanghai International Artwork Trade Center