Milestones of Development

| ​2008

 Shanghai initiated the "comprehensive development plan along both sides of the Huangpu River," which called for the comprehensive development of the Xuhui waterfront



The Xuhui waterfront Public Open Space project began


May 1, 2010

The Public Open Space was completed and opened to the public


| December 29, 2010

The foundation stone laying ceremony was held for the Shanghai International Aviation Service Center and Shanghai Aircraft Airworthiness Certification Center


| December 21, 2011

The 9th Party Congress of Shanghai's Xuhui District called for the implementation of the "West Bund Culture Corridor" project, advocating "developing cultural industries to drive development"


| July 7, 2012

The Long Museum and the Yuz Museum signed agreements to open facilities in West Bund


| September 30, 2012

The first annual West Bund Music Festival was a resounding success


| December 28, 2012

The Shanghai Xuhui Waterfront Area Comprehensive Development and Construction Management Committee and the Shanghai West Bund Development (Group) Co., Ltd, were established and held their first committee meeting


| April 9, 2013

The Shanghai West Bund Artwork Bonded Development Co., Ltd, was founded


| September 4, 2013

The Shanghai West Bund Media Port Development and Construction Co., Ltd, was founded


| October 20, 2013

The first West Bund Biennial of Architecture and Contemporary Art was successfully organized


| March 20, 2014

The Shanghai DreamCenter, a flagship project of the West Bund Media Port, was officially launched


| July 28, 2014

Shanghai West Bund Huaquan Enterprise Development Co., Ltd, was founded


| September 25, 2014

The first West Bund Art and Design Fair kicked off at the West Bund Art Center


| December 30, 2014

A signing and launch ceremony was held for the Waterfront U Center


| January, 2015

"The Three-year Action Plan (2015-2017) for Public Space Construction on Both Sides of the Huangpu River" was issued, providing guidance for the comprehensive development of the Xuhui waterfront


| March 27, 2015

The West Bund Art Experts Committee was established


September 8, 2015

The West Bund Culture and Art Pilot Zone began operations


November 2015

The commercial service center of Xuhui Waterfront Economic Development Co., Ltd. was founded, forming a culture-financing hub around the Xietu Rd and Longhua Rd area of the Xuhui waterfront


January 30, 2016

The West Bund Planning and Construction Experts Committee was founded

March, 2016

Mengxiang Qiangyin opens in West Bund

April, 2016

Sotheby’s (Shanghai) Cultural Development Co., Ltd., joined West Bund

May, 2016

The Aike-Dellarco Gallery opened in the West Bund Culture and Art Pilot Zone

July 11, 2016

XuHui Waterfront Builders' Home officially opens

September, 2016

The MadeIn Gallery opens in West Bund

September 4, 2016

ART WEST BUND 2016 promoted art and culture under the slogan, "Come Discover in West Bund"

September 9, 2016

Work began on the Xuhui waterfront section of the 45 kilometer road connecting the banks of the Huangpu River

September 28, 2016

The Rihui Port Footbridge, which connects the Huangpu and Xuhui riverbanks, opens to the public

October 1, 2016

The first West Bund Food Festival commences

November, 2016

ShanghART Gallery joins the West Bund Culture and Art Pilot Zone

November, 2016

The Edouard Malingue Gallery opens in Shanghai's West Bund

November 10, 2016

Global Waterfront Dialogue 2016 is held in West Bund

| November 25, 2016

Xuhui District and Minhang District achieved the strategic cooperation agreement and launched the project of cooperation development zone with a total area of 6.88 square kilometers.

| December 4, 2016

The international schemes for Ecological Leisure Area and Dianpu Bridge came out, and the global solicitation for proposal for Xuhui Waterfront Public Open Space officially ended. 

| February 11, 2017

The deputy secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and mayor of Shanghai Mr. Ying Yong visited the site and checked the progress of Xuhui Waterfront project. 

| Since March 2017 

The demolition of Shangliang Warehouse 6, Baimao Group, and Rowing Club for Ecological Leisure Area of the waterfront project has been launched. 

| April 24, 2017

The completion of the transfer of Longhua B and C plots brought the comprehensive transformation of Longhua area into a stage of substantive achievements.  

| June 30, 2017

Xuhui Waterfront demonstration area completed renovation and the structure of the cultural core area was connected.

| July 25, 2017

Then Acting Secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Committee Han Zheng visited Xuhui Waterfront project and checked the latest progress. 

| November 10 to 12, 2017

The Fourth West Bund Art & Design was held in Shanghai West Bund Art Center. 

| January 1, 2018

The Public Open Space project (Xuhui Section) officially opened to the public and tourists, and the event of “welcome the new year with fitness and exercise” was held.

| January 8, 2018

Item 20 of Joint Declaration between the PRC and the French Republic stipulated that both sides support the organizing of exhibitions and seminars by the Pompidou Center and the Museum of Fine Arts-West Bund in Shanghai.

| June 12, 2018

Shanghai Wangzhiyi Cuican Network Tech Co., Ltd. successfully bid the 188S-Q-1 plot of the WS5 unit in the south section of Huangpu River, Xuhui District. Netease entered Xuhui Waterfront. 

| August 7, 2018

Shanghai Municipal Government and Xuhui District Government has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Xiaomi Group and Xiaomi entered Shanghai West Bund. 

| August 20, 2018

Shanghai Municipal Government signed in-depth cooperation framework agreement with Tencent in Shanghai and Tencent set its East China Headquarters in the West Bund. 

| August 24, 2018

Hong Kong/Shanghai Co-operation Conference was held in Hong Kong; Shanghai West Bund officially signed strategic cooperation framework agreement with HK West Kowloon Cultural District, indicating the start of formal and in-depth cooperation. 

| September 17 to 19, 2018

2018 World Artificial Intelligence Conference hosted by Shanghai West Bund was a resounding success. 

| September 20, 2019

In Huawei Connect 2019, West Bund Group and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. signed cooperation framework agreement and jointly facilitated the construction of the new generation of smart city with IoT. 

| October 8, 2018

Shanghai Municipal Government signed in-depth strategic cooperation framework agreement with China Media Group in Shanghai. Xuhui District Government also signed the cooperation agreement on relevant projects with China International Television Corporation. CCTV officially entered Shanghai West Bund. 

| December 19, 2018 

The West Bund Museum has launched a five-year cooperation program with the Center Pompidou, the agreement of which was signed in Yuz Museum Shanghai. 

| July 10, 2019

Global Waterfront Dialogue 2019 –Xuhui Waterfront Core Area Planning Design Seminar  was held in the West Bund Art Center. 

| August 29 to 31, 2019

2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference was held in Xuhui West Bund, which greatly boosted the development of artificial intelligence worldwide. 

| September 26, 2019

The first regional headquarter and local main station of China Media Group—the Yangtze River Delta Headquarter (Shanghai Main Station) was officially put into use. 

| October 29, 2019

The press conference for Shanghai International Artwork Trade Month, which is also the opening ceremony for Shanghai International Artwork Trade Center, was held in West Bund Shanghai. The first Shanghai International Artwork Trade Month was launched in the form of “Global Art In Shanghai Time”. 

| November 5, 2019

French President Emmanuel Macron, together with Fang Shizhong, head of Xuhui District of Shanghai and chairman of the West Bund Culture and Arts Committee, jointly unveiled the five-year exhibition and cooperation project between the West Bund Art Museum and Pompidou Center.

| November 8 to 10, 2019

The 6th West Bund Art & Design was held in the West Bund Art Center.