Art Center Tank Shanghai

Xuhui Riverside

A visionary combination of parks and cultural attractions is due to open in 2018 in Shanghai along the Huangpu River on the site of a former airport. Founded by Qiao Zhibing, a well-known contemporary art collector, the TANK SHANGHAI complex consists of exhibition spaces, plazas, gardens, bookstore, education center, restaurants and more. Investment is by Qiao Zhibing himself and the West Bund Group. The design is by OPEN Architecture. The area measures 60,000 square meters, with indoor spaces of 10,000 square meters.


TANK SHANGHAI is located in the heart of Xuhui district, Shanghai, China, close to the Shanghai Dreamworks Center, with the Huangpu River to the east, Longteng Avenue to the west. The site was formerly part of Longhua Airport. Built in 1917 (the sixth year of the Republic of China), this was the first large airport in China. Civilian operations there ended in 1966.


The site was originally designed to supply fuel for the airport, with five oil tanks, fire pool, docks and other facilities. Inside the oil tanks, a 15-meter high dome and circular walls offer elegant, large spaces with industrial characteristics. The fire pool will be turned into a landscaped pond facing the Huangpu River.


The abandoned oil tanks will be transformed into containers for art and life, various art related programs will be brought in, and a massive ‘urban forest’ will be created – This is the new urban art park which pays tribute to the site’s industrial past, and aims to provide the public with easy access to contemporary art, and to enhance the city life while reestablishing the link among art, nature and the city. It will become the new hub for cultural and art activities in Shanghai’s West Bund.


The TANK SHANGHAI project is another important carrier of the West Bund Cultural Corridor program. It will become the new highlight of the Art Museum Boulevard and boost the formation of cultural industry with regional features of the West Bund.