West Bund Music Festival 2014



Sep. 6th - 8th, 2014

Entry time 12:00 
Time 14:00-22:00
Venue Waterfront Green Space, intersection of Longteng Avenue and Dong’an Road

RMB 300/person for areas A, B, C, and D


RMB 180/person for grass field

About West Bund Music Festival


Shanghai West Bund Music Festival is the first local outdoor music festival of Shanghai. It is held in Xuhui Waterfront area by the Art Media Channel together with some government and socialization institutions. As Xuhui Waterfront is featured “remained industrial relics” and “open to all” and oriented “to build the international high-end creative culture and art industry nesting zone”, Xuhui Waterfront’s target audience is the white-collars and foreigners working in Shanghai. Cast of the show consists of famous bands and super stars from home and abroad. Shanghai West Bund Music Festival has been held for three consecutive years, giving rise to a fever of music about dreams. The performing site, as a result, becomes a new landmark for the Puxi culture. 

Program Schedule



KABUKI, COOLFISH, Yan Jue, Zhou Huajian, Tuo Laku, Mayday


Green Town, Large Magellanic, Stone Lion, Ji Jiaying, Ding Dang, The Fingertips, Magic Power, Akanishi Jin

Sep. 8th

Toshing band, Psyclopus, Cosmos People, Ann, Zhou Chen & band, Zheng Jun, Mumiy Troll, Leehom Wang



    • Akanishi Jin

    • Mayday

    • Leehom Wang

    • Zhou Huajian


    • The Fingertips

    • Zheng Jun

    • Yan Jue

    • Ann

    • Ding Dang

    • Ji Jiaying

    • 麻园诗人乐队