New riverside track for runners


XUHUI District plans to create a plastic pedestrian track along the Huangpu River this year, an official said yesterday.

The track will be laid along a 3.6-kilometer-long riverside area and will be expanded southwards to 7.2 kilometers in the second phase of the project, said an official with West Bund, which is in charge of riverside development.

Stations will be set up every kilometer along the track where walkers and joggers can rest, change their clothes, or even take a free shower, said Chen Chao, deputy general manager of the corporation.

“An increasing number of local runners have been attracted to the Xuhui riverside area,” said Chen, who aims to make the track the most attractive one in the city.

The area was once home to the city’s early industrial infrastructure, including cement factories, timber mills, a coal pier and a railway station.

The district government demolished most industrial sites, but preserved some iconic structures along the route.

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