Beyond Fashion



Beyond Fashion

Duration: 2020.04.11-2020.07.25

 Shanghai Center of Photography, 2555-1 Longteng Avenue, Shanghai

Today fashion photography is no longer seen as exclusively commercial. As the art world expands its embrace of visual culture in all its diverse forms, fashion photography has moved beyond the pages of a magazine into art galleries and museums exhibitions, just like this one at SCoP.

Every month new issues of fashion magazines present a new array of dreams, resulting in hundreds of thousands of photographic images annually. As concepts evolved, photographers moved their images away from a “hard sell” of the garments themselves to focus on pure creative vision which, by playing with aesthetics in extraordinary ways, started to project narratives that reach beyond fashion. In the 21st century, digital media changed the way photography is consumed and shared. Today, fashion photography functions as a striking visual language that goes far beyond the fashion it originally described. 

“Beyond Fashion” presents nearly 100 works from a group of highly acclaimed fashion photographers, including legendary figures such as Nick Knight, Paolo Roversi, Peter Lindbergh, Miles Aldridge and Ellen von Unwerth, as well as representative figures of the new generation like Blommers & Schumm, Solve Sundsbo, Daniel Sannwald, Viviane Sassen and Erik Madigan Heck. Come and join us to celebrate a new vision of fashion photography that goes far beyond fashion!